Tap Tap the Beat
Tap Tap the Beat includes a selection of music tracks to test your hand eye co-ordination skills – try and beat our featured tunes to become a true Rhythm master. Tap Tap the Beat features a selection of music tracks
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Timing is everything – just tap the screen when the Hydro Tower is in the scoring zone to keep the build going. Anywhere in the zone is good enough to score points and you need the points to beat each
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Our massive FPS has now been updated – v3.2 released for 2020! The City streets are packed with bad guys. Who you gonna call? That’s right, it’s Dave! He’ll straighten them out with his shotgun. Guide Dave through 30 action
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A supreme puzzle game, crafted to challenge and entertain. You have 5 tools to use in your studio – Hat, Moustache, Mask and two Monocles. Place the items carefully and use combinations of tools and brushes to get the desired
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The carnival is in town and the carni’s have challenged you to beat them. Strapped to a rotating wheel, you must use your darts to burst all of the balloons – whilst avoiding the carni! There are 6 Carni’s waiting
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