A supreme puzzle game, crafted to challenge and entertain.

You have 5 tools to use in your studio – Hat, Moustache, Mask and two Monocles.

Place the items carefully and use combinations of tools and brushes to get the desired effect to beat each level.

You have 5 brushes (Red ,White ,Black ,Green ,Yellow) to use – there are no time limits so take it easy and create your painting to match the model, it’s that simple!

There are only a mere 30 levels to beat and with each level, the difficulty will increase a little – ensuring you get a real challenge.

If you do manage to beat the game and get the special ending – then you will be rewarded with “Random” game play option.

A delightful game that can be played at your own pace – place items and use the brushes as much as you need to in an effort to beat a level, there are no limits.

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